The LaiseBoyPhilosophy, Part 8—Profiles in Readership
Jerry Laiserin

With nearly six months of newsletter publication and website traffic data in hand, we've gleaned enough to profile who our readers are, what you do, and which organizations you work for or learn from. While not what carbon-smeared-dead-tree publishers call "controlled circulation," we do consciously manage our circulation to ensure that our analyses, strategies and opinions reach the technology leaders, decision makers and key influencers in design business, education and research. So, if you're reading this, read on to find out where you fit in among our high-powered, high-profile readers in 82 countries.

Among LaiserinLetter readers, the ratio of architects to engineers = 2:1
> Among the engineers, the ratio of civil-structural to MEP = 2:1
> The ratio of "senior management" to all other subscribers = 2:1
> Among non-senior mgmnt, the ratio of CAD/IT to all others = 3:1
> At CAD manager or higher, we have readers in 70% of architectural firms in the "Top 500," including 9 of the top 10
> At CAD manager or higher, we have readers in 70% of A/E firms in the "Top 500," including 8 of the top 10
> At CAD manager or higher, we have readers in 50% of engineering firms in the "Top 500," including 5 of the top 10
> At CAD manager or higher, we have readers in 70% of interiors firms in the "100 Giants," including >> 10 of the top 10 in financial institution design
>> 10 of the top 10 in government institution design
>> 9 of the top 10 in medical institution design
>> 9 of the top 10 in educational facility design
>> 8 of the top 10 in corporate/office design
>> 8 of the top 10 in transportation design
>> 8 of the top 10 in museum/gallery design
>> 7 of the top 10 in retail design
>> 7 of the top 10 in entertainment design
>> 7 of the top 10 in assisted living design
>> 5 of the top 10 in technology design

> Plus, we have leading international constructors like ABB, DPR, Hochteif, Kvaerner, Parsons, Skanska, Sverdrup/Jacobs, Turner, YIT
> We also have a few hundred "facility management/real estate" types from owner-operator organizations such as Boeing, Disney, Ford, GSA, Merck, Stanford, USCG, and several USA state DOT's
> Our readers include faculty and graduate students at leading universities around the world, as well as research institutes such as CDI, CERL, CIFE, CSIRO, VTT and Xerox/PARC

For all that emphasis on the largest firms and organizations, the distribution of LaiserinLetter subscribers by size of firm staff is also well represented at the smaller end of the spectrum:

> 1-5 (26%)
> 6-20 (18%)
> 21-50 (11%)
> 51-100 (8%)
> 101-250 (10%)
> 251-500 (7%)
> 501-1000 (4%)
> 1000+ (16%)

Oh, and about those 82 countries, here's the top half of the list, ranked by domain in descending order according to total visits to

(FI) Finland
(AU) Australia
(EDU) Education Top Level Domain
(GOV) USA Government Top Level Domain
(MIL) UDA Military Top Level Domain
(UK) United Kingdom
(CA) Canada
(JP) Japan
(NZ) New Zealand
(IT) Italy
(BE) Belgium
(SE) Sweden
(NL) Netherlands
(BR) Brazil
(DE) Germany
(ORG) Non-profit Organization Top Level Domain
(MX) Mexico
(FR) France
(IL) Israel
(US) United States
(ES) Spain
(NO) Norway
(GR) Greece
(HK) Hong Kong
(DK) Denmark
(GT) Guatemala
(PT) Portugal
(AR) Argentina
(CH) Switzerland
(YU) Yugoslavia
(CZ) Czech Republic
(KR) Korea, Republic of
(TW) Taiwan
(HR) Croatia/Hrvatska
(HU) Hungary
(IN) India
(MY) Malaysia
(SI) Slovenia
(TR) Turkey
(AE) United Arab Emirates
(CR) Costa Rica
(PH) Philippines
(PL) Poland
(SA) Saudi Arabia
(SC) Seychelles
(SG) Singapore
(ZA) South Africa
(TH) Thailand
(TT) Trinidad and Tobago

No real surprises here. We write in English, so English-speaking countries crowd the top of the list (AU, UK, CA, NZ). The "US" domain is often used by state government agencies (e.g., DOT.MO.US is Missouri Department of Transportation). Countries in the European Union and other large global markets (JP, BR, MX, IN), as well as the "Asian Tigers" (HK, KR, TW, MY) also rank near the top, as one might expect. Someone else will have to explain to me why interest from Singapore (SG) lags behind that in the Seychelles (SC).

The balance of the list, in alphabetical order, accounts for much of the pleasure in cranking out the LaiserinLetter—the idea that folks are reading these words from Armenia to Vietnam and Western Samoa to Iceland.

(AM) Armenia
(AT) Austria
(BH) Bahrain
(BZ) Belize
(BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina
(BG) Bulgaria
(KY) Cayman Islands
(CL) Chile
(CN) China
(CO) Colombia
(CY) Cyprus
(EG) Egypt
(EE) Estonia
(HN) Honduras
(IS) Iceland
(ID) Indonesia
(IE) Ireland
(CI) Ivory Coast
(JO) Jordan
(LT) Lithuania
(LU) Luxembourg
(MK) Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic
(NP) Nepal
(NI) Nicaragua
(NG) Nigeria
(PK) Pakistan
(PG) Papua New Guinea
(PE) Peru
(RO) Romania
(RU) Russian Federation
(SK) Slovak Republic
(TV) Tuvalu
(UA) Ukraine
(UY) Uruguay
(VE) Venezuela
(WS) Western Samoa
(VN) Vietnam

Finally, I'd like to add a personal note of "thanks" to every reader, whoever and wherever you are.

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