An occasional sampling of reader electron-mail, or "keep those waves and particles pouring in, folks!"

Paul Seletsky, Director of Technology at Davis Brody Bond, LLP, writes:
> "Congratulations on the newsletter. I truly enjoy receiving it and, as always, the articles are superbly written and insightful."

Paul M. Wagner, of Carter & Burgess, Inc., writes:
> "I've enjoyed reading the letters and find it helps stay focused on development and the long term goals. In my position as CAD manager and support it's very easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day fixing of problems, soothing egos, etc."

From Canada, Rafel Aziz writes:
> "Thank you for forwarding the Laiserin Letter. I enjoy reading them. They are succinct, pertinent, and insightful. There seems to be always something of interest… Your reviews have become a trusted source for products relevant to us. You deserve to be complimented for your valuable service to the AEC industry…"

> Thanks, guys! It's always gratifying to know that folks like Paul, Paul and Rafel understand and appreciate the niche we're trying to fill.

Charles Nelson, FRAIA, the quality management guru of South Melbourne, Australia's Building Technology Pty Ltd, writes:
> "I enjoy your laserletters, they have just the right balance of sardonic irreverence without off-siding your keepers and their minders."

> Even though I don't speak 'stralian, I'll take that as a compliment, Charles!

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