An occasional sampling of reader electron-mail, or "keep those waves and particles pouring in, folks!"

> Regarding Projects: Risk-e-Business (IssueFour—June 24, 2002):

> Jim Boeder, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Robust Decisions, Inc., writes: "Kudos on a helpful & well written article. You summed up the market and our offering nicely... you seem to have a good grasp on the project management landscape..."

> Bill Davis, President, Cyntergy Technology, writes: "Thank you for your kind words regarding Thumbprint! We were tickled to show up in your letter, and of course we applaud your perspective that 'project management has become a professional discipline unto itself'... and 'there remain project niches not well-served by any of these tools.'"

> Thanks, guys! Project management, especially the management of project knowledge—working smarter—is a subject I intend to revisit often, because knowing how to manage projects well is a critical core competency of any AEC, plant/process, or infrastructure business.

> Mark Frost, IMAGINit Technologies (formerly Ketiv Technologies), writes: "Thanks for the great articles. Since you seem to be able to dig up some pretty interesting conferences, seminars, and discussions, any hope that you could post a calendar of events before they happen, as opposed to a post-mortem?"

> Great suggestion, Mark! Thanks. Currently I do maintain a LaiserinLive listing of future speaking engagements. I'll have to work out the logistics of creating a supplemental list of conferences and events that I'll be attending and/or writing about. However, the value of listing events that I can't or won't attend is not as clear (listing an event would imply that I found it to be, in Mark's terms, "pretty interesting"—an implied endorsement that may not always be justified, especially for events I can't bring myself to attend).

> Brian M. Prock, Partner, ArchMedia, ArchMedia, writes: "Good looking logo, graphics, etc! Congratulations."

> As I've noted before, I just write the words. The LaiserinLetter would not be possible without the exceptional talents and hard work of Aaron Laiserin (yes, we're related).

> Elizabeth Geary-Archer, Incoming President, SMPS NY Area Chapter and President, Out of the Box Marketing Strategies, Inc., writes: "Fabulous newsletter!"

> Thanks, Elizabeth. You might want to alert your SMPS colleagues and your own clients and newsletter readers that I plan to cover technology matters related to the marketing of design and construction services in several upcoming installments of the LaiserinLetter.

> Jeremy Edmunds writes: "Great newsletter you put out. That's a heck of a lot of original content for a weekly publication!"

> Thank you for those kind words, especially the word "original." Unlike one or two notorious charlatans out there, I actually use the entire keyboard when I write—not just the right mouse-click button.

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