Adding more than 200,000 square feet and renovating nearly 300,000 square feet at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix presented unique project demands. New space is being built over, under, and around existing surgical and emergency departments that must remain open 24/7. DPR chose to create, at their own expense, a 4-D model derived from architect OWP&P's basic 3-D model data, in order to visualize the logistics and sequencing of temporary access, parking, laydown areas—even the potential interference of construction cranes with the flight path of the hospital's emergency department helicopter. DPR spent US$25,000 on the 4-D model, less than 0.05% of the project's $55-million budget; while this cost was not recovered by DPR directly on this project, the experience—and the owner's acceptance of 4-D's benefits—has proven to confer a competitive advantage in pursuing subsequent work.

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