LaiserinLetter Lassoes Laurels
Jerry Laiserin

In only its second week of publication, the LaiserinLetter leapt into the Top Ten listings maintained by, the leading portal site that organizes the Web for technical professionals. Considering that some of the other Top Ten contenders in our category have been at it as long as seven years, we are humbled by the comparison. TenLinks also named us "Site of the Week," a double honor! Who's reading us now?

Who are you?
To help you recognize yourself in our readership mix, consider the following:

> The mix is dominated by AEC and infrastructure decision makers and key influencers, along with a sizable clique of software industry insiders providing design, collaboration, project management, financial management, service automation, and related solutions to those who create, construct, and operate the built environment.

> Among our design-professional readers, the list is tilted roughly 2:1, architects to engineers (among the engineers, the civil/structural category leads MEP by 2:1). Contractors, both general construction and specialties, represent a small but growing segment of the subscriber base, along with facility managers, operators, and owners.

> Across all disciplines, readers who describe themselves as "senior management" lead the pack by a 2:1 margin, followed (in order) by folks identifying themselves with marketing, information technology management, CAD management, and financial management.

> End-user firms we can identify among our subscriber base account for nearly $200-million per year in total spending on digital technology.

Our much-appreciated TenLinks category listing is "CAD Newsletters," but you can see that's only a small part of our role. We try to touch on the widest possible range of digital tools and technologies (even within the Computer-Aided Design category you might think of our approach as "CAD management for people who manage something other than CAD"). We may not have a story targeted at your specific interests every week, but over time we intend to serve every one of these constituent interests

Where in the world is...?
Although word apparently has not yet reached winter-bound Antarctica, the LaiserinLetter is being read on six continents and in at least 25 countries (judging only by two-character, country-specific top-level domains in subscriber email addresses, from .ar for Argentina to .za for South Africa).

TenLinks categorizes us as "English Language," and that's what we aspire to write. However, we're also honored that so many people whose native tongue is not English (or Canadian ) invest the effort to read our humble scrivenings. Over time we hope to honor you in return, by publishing regional editions on a global basis.

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